«Mars-500» project
Simulation of a manned flight to Mars

The main purpose of 520-day isolation

  1. Investigation of the influence of conditions, simulating peculiarities of a manned Martian expedition on health and working capacity of the crew;
  2. Organization of the activity of the crew and its interaction with the ground-based control center taking into account peculiarities typical for the Martian flight;
  3. Verification of the principles, methods and means of control and monitoring of the habitat during over-long staying of the crew in conditions of confined pressurized facility;
  4. Simulation of the activity of the crew on the surface of Mars and dynamic operations during the flight;
  5. Verification of the principles, methods and means of control, diagnostics and forecast of the state of health and  working capacity, improvement of means of providing of medical help and prophylaxis;
  6. Improvement of the means of collection, processing and analysis of medical and physiological information;
  7. Creation and approbation of reference-information system, providing activity of the crew, keeping and transfer of electronic information;
  8. Verification of means and methods of telemedicine for distant control over the state of human health;
  9. Approbation of methods and autonomous means of psychological support;
  10. Assessment of modern technologies, systems and means of support of life and activity and protection of humans.


© Development and desing: Oleg Voloshin