«Mars-500» project
Simulation of a manned flight to Mars

14-day isolation

The first stage of the “flight” to the Red planet was conducted in two modules of medical-technical facility - EU-150 (habitable module with the volume of 150 cubic meters) and EU-100 (medical module with the volume of 100 cubic meters).

The purpose of the experiment:

Verification and confirmation of compliance of technical and exploitation characteristics of the systems of modules EU-100 and EU-150 with the requirements of the worked out technical, exploitation documentation and SW for performance of works in conditions that are maximally close to the real exploitation with the participation of the crew of 6 people, staying in confined isolation with the duration of 14 days.

Tasks of the experiment:

Assessment of exploitation comfort and maintainability of the systems of modules EU-100 and EU-150. Assessment of technical and exploitation documentation regarding quality, sufficiency and possibility of right and safe exploitation of the systems of modules.

Assessment of suitability and readiness of the systems of modules for conduction of long-term experiments with human isolation in confined environment during simulation of manned space flights, including ones to Mars.

Results of the experiment:

Conducted 14-day experiment confirmed working capacity of the experimental modules, servicing life support systems, ground-based controlling center, their compliance with the given technical conditions and creation of acceptable conditions for life and work of the crew.

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